Yoga Therapy

You might be wondering what yoga therapy is, how it differs from yoga teaching and what it can be used for?


Yoga therapy is an evidence-based form of holistic therapy that uses tools and techniques from yoga and mindfulness to help with a range of physical and mental health disorders. This may include yoga postures, breathwork, mindfulness meditation, relaxation techniques, yoga philosophy and lifestyle advice, that are individually tailored to your physical and mental health needs, and the outcomes that you want to achieve. With yoga therapy, the focus is therefore on the specific physical and/or mental health conditions that you are seeking help with, and the yoga therapist’s role is to use various yoga and mindfulness techniques to help improve those conditions, based on your needs and the yoga therapist’s assessment, within a mutually agreed therapeutic framework. So as a yoga therapist, I am less focused on the actual teaching of yoga postures, but more focused on how I can use the tools of yoga and mindfulness to help you therapeutically with a mental or physical health condition, giving you the tools to empower you to be able to improve of your own mental and physical health.


My special interests in yoga therapy include:

  • Stress, anxiety and depression

  • Chronic fatigue (including fatigue from Long Covid) and Burnout

  • Chronic pain

  • Insomnia and sleep difficulties

  • Grief and bereavement

However, yoga therapy can also be used for a wide range of other physical and mental health conditions, including bronchitis/asthma/COPD, cancer, immune disorders, Parkinsons disease, cognitive decline/dementia/Alzeimers, PTSD, eating disorders, addictions, ADHD, hypermobility and traumatic brain injury.


Why not contact me to arrange a free, no-obligation, 15-minute telephone chat about how 121 yoga therapy may be able to help you.

In addition to 121 yoga therapy, I also run a 5 week course on Yoga Therapy for Insomnia and Sleep Recovery, which looks at sleep issues from a physical, energetic, mental, and emotional level; and the Minded Institute’s 8 week course on Yoga Therapy for Stress, Anxiety and Depression, which teaches regulation and mindfulness skills through yoga postures and breathwork, alongside mindfulness meditation techniques and psycho-education. Please see the classes, courses and workshops page for more details and current courses.

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